1. Aluminium Smelting

Aluminium Smelting: Smelting process starts with aggregating aluminium ingots (99% pure aluminium) and aluminium scraps in the smelter. With temperature increase, the elements blend together forming alumina (liquid form of aluminium). The content within is critical for aluminium strength, hardness, and durability that meet Alloy 6063 requirements. We assure that our aluminium content complies with Alloy 6063 requirements by inspecting with a Spectrometer.

2. Aluminium Casting

Casting involves a flow of alumina along the ceramic pipe lines, the alumina then solidifies into extrudable billets.

3. Aluminium Extrusion

Extrusion is shaping billets into designated profiles. Extrusion entails the need for consistent heat, speed, and direction control.

4. Pretreatment Process 

The pretreatment process starts with degreasing, several RO rinse, coat activation and passivation, the process then ends with hot drying in a temperature-controlled oven. All these steps are meticulously done to ensure that no external factors shall affect powder coating quality.

5. Powder Coating

Using globally-renowned colored powders from Akzo Nobel, Jotun, Cornel, TOA, Midstar (Siam Oxyplast), we are a certified approved applicator of powder coating for facade and high performance architectural coatings. This is achieved through extensive standardized process controls and a “Salt Spray Test”. Our powder coated aluminium is highly durable with 10-30 years guaranteed quality in all architectural profiles; especially windoor types: sliding, shopfront door, and casement types.